Join the conspirancy

The Tresatres signage and graphics company commissioned us to design a new campaign aimed at re-launching their corporate image and attracting new customers.

The objective was to involve the customer in the company’s philosophy of effective team work. Tresatres’ main activity is to handle the last stage in the projects, signs, and POPA created by design agencies. However, the relationship between the agency and the production workshop is not always easy and fluid. The designer is often not fully aware of the required materials or the difficulty involved in a project. Tresatres wished to forge a “closer” and “warmer” relationship with their customers by giving their brand name a meaning that would differentiate them from mere suppliers.

Our solution to their request resorted to history; the history of communication. From time immemorial, communication has always needed a support. You can communicate anything to the world provided you have a support. Aristotle left a famous quote that sums up what we considered a major value for this firm: “Give me a place to stand on (a support), and I can move the Earth.” Our strategy was as follows: empathise with customers by showing them the value of having a firm to give their ideas a support, to work like a cog in the wheel of the communication process, and enable them to conquer the streets with neon signs, panels, window displays, etc. The campaign slogan, “Join the conspiracy”, is meant to appeal to the emotions of arts and communications directors, designers, and marketing managers, regarding the importance of working together in order to “move” the world, and even “conspire” to change it.

The video is a somewhat aggressive attempt to overview the world of communication and conspiracy. The key challenge and remit was to construct all the elements that appear in the video within the firm itself, and in this way create a “product display “, while at the same time telling a story. The central symbol is the Trojan Horse, used as a metaphor for triumph in communication and advertising; the triumph of a conspiracy to get the customer thinking.