Time Travel

Time Travel is a sub-brand of the De Polo a Polo (Pole to Pole) travel agency.

The image we created was born out of a very simple concept based on the double T in the brand name, which gave us a logo and iconography that were bold and catchy. The new identity of Time Travel suggests a clear, subtle, transparent focus. Its eye-catching graphic symbol, the suitcase, is a reflection of the simplicity and good practice of a company known for excellent customer service.

To feature the brand in graphics and ads, we decided to use offcuts from the bold typography to recreate a structure within which we could link the brand to the message and put a frame around any specific ideas or offers the agency wished to highlight. The frame is also reminiscent of a camera, an object that evokes the leisure and enjoyment of a trip with Time Travel and elevates the customer’s role in the brand.