RondaForum was an event was organized by the City of Ronda and its Real Maestranza in February, 2016 for the purpose of bringing together citizens, entrepreneurs, students, scholars and political leaders from all over Europe in one venue to discuss and design the future and make it possible. At this event, the local merges with the global, and experts come face to face with citizens, entrepreneurs with social issues, and decision-makers with fresh ideas and innovative models.

Our brief was to give this event an image and an identity that would be adaptable and able to stand the test of time.

Ronda opens a parenthesis in which there is room for proposals, debates and ideas of all kinds. And this is the basic concept behind the logo. RondaForum is part of a city that is opening up to the future and to new ideas. Our proposal was for a logo suggesting a container to show that any kind of information will find room in the Ronda universe. At the same time, the parenthesis conjures the idea of taking time to pause and reflect; of taking a break from the city’s daily routine. The modern, uppercase lettering suggests long-lastingness, which, combined with the contemporary design, casts the city as the origin and ultimate objective of the debate. The changing nature of the event is clearly reflected in a logo that is open, highly adaptable, dynamic and ready to “embrace” any subtitle or theme.