Europa Solar

Paco Algaba‘s (Madrid, 1968) productions can be described generally as experimental poetry, film and audiovisual texts, because they do not adhere to usual narrative conventions. Framings are created in a patient and meticulous way and, once established, are kept for several minutes, so that where nothing seems to be happening, a small event eventually takes places —things like a subtle light change or the movements of the air. The artist takes this type of image as a departing point, almost always without dialogue and without the non-diegetic conventional contribution of the music, to deal with the landscape and slowly explore its density, its history or its conformation. For this exhibition, Algaba presents Europa solar: a collection of landscapes marked by post-historical inertia belonging to different lands throughout Europe. These are shown in their unfailing fate of ground zero territory, reconsidering the scale of man, their historical processes and their otherness.