The architect Antonio Clavería has spent over 20 years in the building sector, especially in the context of urbanism. He called for our assistance when setting up his own new firm offering spatial planning and spatial management services. In the field of territorial planning, it is essential to work without restriction in time or space, always thinking of the future. A discipline that is changing, both spatially and geographically, territorial planning is “the spatial expression of the economic, social, cultural and environmental policy of every society “.

The image and name of the firm needed to reflect all this. The first stage of our work culminated in a memorable and timeless brand name for the newly-fledged firm. This required not only simplicity and easy recall, but also something to suit a concept that is not easy to grasp in a flash. We opted for an acronym: OST (for the Spanish “organización espacio territorial”) (organization in time and space) which is akin to “oeste”, the Spanish for “west” and would evoke to the Spanish ear the geography and complexity of changing space.