New American topographics

Book design for Iñaki Bergera’s New American Topographics photo book, for La Fábrica (Madrid).

Iñaki Bergera’s enthusiasm for modern architecture shines through his entire oeuvre. Form, shape and volume are the key elements of his landscapes, shaped by industrial transformation and urban life.

However, his huge capacity for observation and his sense of astonishment allow him to show details that would otherwise go unnoticed and emphasise the intimate essence of places, as he transforms the most trivial things into something unknown and unexpected.

Bergera’s photographs might be universal, even neutral, but their content clearly speaks of North America in the new millennium. He surprises us with humorous remarks and associative games, showing the beauty of a parking lot, or the expressive strength of a row of mailboxes.


Pages: 98
Images: 56
Size: 16 x 24.5 cm
Binding: Hard cover
Language: English / Spanish