Hornadas Creativas

Over the course of the academic year 2015/16, we worked in collaboration with the Escuela Superior de Diseño Hacercreativo de Zaragoza (Advanced School of Design) on the academic focus and organization of the school’s creative workshops. The aim of these workshops is to generate useful current content that will help us foresee and respond to the continuous changes in society. As a first step, we gave form to the workshops and the program for Sustainable Social Design and Ethical Fashion which included speakers from inside and outside the local area.

The purpose of these three-day workshops is to show and promote the value of the designer’s role in society. Through the experience of professionals, initiatives, collectives, business success stories, in other words, real-life cases, we were able to view a wide range of examples that may help to sharpen our focus on design work as a key tool with an enormous potential for communicating and spreading the cultural values of any community.


Tytti Thusberg (Finland/San Sebastián)
Sònia Flotats (Barcelona)
Elena Salcedo (Barcelona)
Laboratorio Inclusivo (Barcelona/Pamplona)
Belive in ART (Zaragoza)
Festival Asalto (Zaragoza)
Recrea’ndo (Zaragoza)
Elisa Muresan (Zaragoza)
UNDOestudio (Zaragoza)
Modalena (Zaragoza)
Aropa2 (Zaragoza)
HarineraZGZ (Zaragoza)
Micubo (Zaragoza)
Babesean: Ikusi, Irakurri, Ukitu (Pamplona)
Un café diferente (Zaragoza)