Harinera ZGZ

We were selected to take part in the image-making and design for the Harinera ZGZ Project after entering an open contest held by Zaragoza Cultural under the auspices of Zaragoza City Council in 2015.

The Harinera ZGZ Project is quite an experience which involves putting back into use an empty public building (The San José Flour Mill) and promoting public participation and empowerment, from initial concept to final start-up. A space conceived for experimental, interdisciplinary creativity oriented towards the reinvention of the urban space, the livability of cities, community participation, the pro-commons, and public empowerment. It starts with an analysis of the city’s existing infrastructure, incorporates the new lines of work towards which the cultural sector is moving, attaches true value to active public involvement in the creative process, and addresses the need to promote the creation of spaces for cultural production. The promoting body is Colectivo H, and the driving force comes from the members of a collaborative open assembly formed by cultural agents from the neighbourhood and the rest of the city, a representative of Zaragoza Cultural and the San José association, all of whom who meet weekly.

After freshly embarking on this project, we wish to confirm and proclaim our delight in being part of this open and collaborative undertaking, which will light up the horizon and enliven the prospects for our cities and the human network that supports them.

As well as the logo and image graphics, we will be running, in collaboration with Colectivo H, an open participative workshop for completing the design of the changing signalization for the space.