Supported by the Government of Navarra, the contemporary art education cooperative Bitartean commissioned us to provide an image and format for Dinbilidanbala, an educational tool for primary school classrooms with which to play and learn by leveraging the community’s intangible heritage. Dinbilidanbala (an onomatopoeic word derived from the action of rocking) is a board game that invites pupils to leave the classroom in order to investigate, interpret, know and create as a team.

The challenge was to design a children’s game that was removed from the aesthetic rules and principles of games familiar from childhood. A free board with a colour code and primary symbols, and a modular structure to build your individual “personality”. Language is the main transmission tool of a game that brings together video and sound testimonies that form the intangible heritage of the community.

Through knowledge, recognition and appreciation of heritage, Dinbilidanbala aims to work on the content of the curriculum in a different, enjoyable and fun way. The emotional, cooperative and playful feel of the game makes it a productive tool for the acquisition of content and skills in all areas of primary school. The tool is designed in such a way that by using it we can discover, generate, collect and leverage various local (city or neighbourhood) and personal (students and teachers) pieces of heritage. Making decisions, facing problems and relating knowledge and experience.