Cristina Huarte

Aún no estás sola is the title of Cristina Huarte’s exhibition at the IAACC Pablo Serrano in Zaragoza. It brings together pieces from the series SnippetsTristeza sin donde (Sadness with nowhere to go), She Likes to Burn, Hija del viento (Daughter of the wind) and Piedra y sol (Sunstone). It is a journey along the work of Cristina Huarte over the past three years. The title Aún No Estás Sola was taken from a poem by the poet Ángel Guinda in which the artist’s intention is symbolically expressed.

Hers is compulsion painting, which is lived while it is viewed. And in it there is rupture, tension, interrupted gesture, burning or live vertigo. Therein lies the meaning of her proposal, the direction in which she embarks us towards ourselves as spectators. Towards what we are and what we do not want to be. It is a drive of life and death, of surrender to the elements of the emotions that constitute us. A drive to love, to horror, to hope, to restlessness, to that crucible of contradictions of which we are containers, and of which the pieces of Cristina Huarte gathers with incisive vitality. It is the vitality of the artist, but also of those who contemplate, paused in front of the pieces, that moment of life that is anchored from the other to the own.