Chocolates Orbea

Chocolates Leyre and Chocolates Orbea are two artisan chocolate brands that also bear the name Pedro Mayo. For over 100 years, the incredible aroma of Pedro Mayo chocolate has pervaded Spanish homes. Nowadays, it takes us back to times spent with our grandparents, to snowy winters, and to the intense flavour of its legendary drinking chocolate. In 2015, the chocolate company commissioned us to design the 95th anniversary edition of Chocolates Orbea.

Our remit was to keep the tradition alive while updating and revamping the image with a view to introducing it in more select sales outlets. We kept with tradition by illustrating each flavour and fruit framed in a distinctive font to differentiate each reference. The colour in combination with modern lettering, and a new coated paper wrapping would bring us back to the present and make our intentions clear: this is an artisan chocolate of yesterday for the demanding public of today.

The finishing touch was to redesign the Orbea logo, drawing inspiration from the original late 1920s wrapper.

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