Autoedit Festival

The AutoEdit Exhibition. New modes and models of independent self-publishing organized by the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Huarte in 2015, who asked us to provide the image for this unprecedented Spanish self-publishing event. Because the theme of the exhibition was self-publishing in all its artistic forms, we decided to create a catalogue that could be self-published during the actual exhibition. The nature of the project enabled us to take some of our equipment and spend a couple of days at the museum while things were being set up, taking photos, cataloguing, scanning, photocopying and printing the various “works”, fanzines, photos, foldouts and illustrations included in the exhibition. As a final touch we set out a table to serve as a “workbench” where visitors could be invited to experiment with various ways and means of creating their own exhibition catalogue. As well as some ready-made templates, the table also held a supply of binders, staplers, adhesives, die cutters, etc. to enable the public to put together their own personal catalogue featuring the exhibits they found most pleasing.
We also designed the image for the exhibition and took an active part in creating a few example catalogues to encourage and inspire visitors.
AutoEdit, curated by Juan Pablo Huércanos and produced by the Huarte Centre, sought to encourage visitors to reflect upon the new languages that have evolved around self-publishing. The 300 and more self-published projects on display represented the reality of a scene characterized by its heterogeneity and agility, and articulated around four basic areas: hybrid books, collections of photographs and images, drawings and illustrations, and signature artzines or fanzines, some accompanied by complementary forms of expression. AutoEdit was an invitation to delve and dabble in a scene that is no longer marginal, having risen to the status of “creativity in its own right, enabling individuals to undertake projects of quality standard at little expense and to use web strategies to reach and communicate more directly with their target audience”. This video by Aloa films will give you an idea what this exhibition was all about.