Arden las redes

Through real cases of lynching, such as those of Justine Sacco, Guillermo Zapata or Jorge Cremades, Arden las redes, by Juan Soto Ivars, presents a disturbingly honest dissection of the censorious atmosphere of our times, showing us the reality in which we are immersed and the terrifying role we all play in it.

The social networks have led us into a new world where we live fenced in by the opinions of others. What appeared to be the conquest of total freedom of expression has left some elements of society with an uneasiness that is making them revolt. Through the networks, organized pressure groups -Catholics, feminists, and activists from both Left and Right – have begun to pursue what they find intolerable and excessive with digital lynching, and boycott and signature campaigns. Justice has been democratized and the silent majority has found a merciless voice which uses naming and shaming as a new way to control a society where freedom of expression has no need for laws, officials or a repressive state.