555 millions

Cover design for the book More than 555 million people can read this book without it being translated from Taurus publishing house.

The current situation that the Spanish language is experiencing — both because of its growing dissemination in the world and the general unification of structures and rules that it maintains, and because of the richness of its vocabulary — warrants analysis from various different historical, social, cultural and economic perspectives. Intended to offer an informative insight, this analysis considers the most important aspects of the phenomenon. José María Merino and Álex Grijelmo have brought together this book in which relevant specialists in different areas and from different backgrounds contribute unpublished studies on aspects such as the dissemination and variations of Spanish, its economic value and growth forecasts, feminism, and the often unnecessary intrusion of the English language.

  • Nº de páginas: 240 págs.
  • Encuadernación: Tapa blanda
  • Editorial: TAURUS
  • Lengua: CASTELLANO
  • ISBN: 9788430620128